The World's Best Escort Bureau

The World's Best Escort Bureau

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Jang dam / jung jae



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The World's Best Escort Bureau

One day the strongest person in the world disappeared. An old man who was suffering from dementia and couldn’t remember himself appeared in front of the village boy So Woon. So-Woon takes care of him carefully and later the old man teaches him martial arts. One day he finds that the old man whom he was taking care of and who taught him martial arts disappeared. So-Woon knew that the old man must have come to his senses and left him without saying anything. Six years later So-Woon becomes the symbol of Pungcheon. Together with his friends So-Guk-Ju and Pyo-Guk he started a long journey to become The World’s Best Escort and to find his master and….

This is a placeholder of the upcoming The World's Best Escort Bureau New Chapter 53, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


Sammy_toby • 2 Month ago

Mksh min dtunggu update brktnya😍😍 Ttp smngat dan jg kshtnya Thanks

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