The Tainted Half

The Tainted Half

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Chyomchyom / Of jin



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The Tainted Half

Read manga The Tainted HalfTwo brothers. One concubine. Seolha’s face was disfigured by her mother, who sought to deny the emperor his prize: the most beautiful concubine in the world. Now forced to endure a lifetime of abuse, Seolha can only pin her hopes on Muon, the emperor’s twin brother. But is he really someone she can trust?The Tainted Half is a story tagged R18, please consider before reading this series.

This is a placeholder of the upcoming The Tainted Half New Chapter 41, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


i_like_dig_bick • 2 Month ago

The art style is nice and I would love to have this as R-18😭 But anyways it still looks interesting and intriguing so far👀

EliseMte • Nov 18th 2022

the r-15 is literall the bane of my existence

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