Queen of Avalon

Queen of Avalon

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Queen of Avalon

“Queen Arthur. That is your name from today.”I was summoned to save the kingdom that King Arthur had rolled over.As the Archmage Merlin said, I am the possessor of the same soul as King Arthur.If I find the Holy Grail and complete my mission, will am I be able to live with love?But why are knights so rude?Xian, who has been living a life of bliss for 20 years.When I woke up one day, I became a character in a legend!The magical story of her becomingRead Queen of Avalon manga – Queen of Avalon manhwa

This is a placeholder of the upcoming Queen of Avalon New Chapter 42, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


Sylica_Telca • Nov 18th 2022

If the concept is interesting, the execution lacks a lot. It became a generic reverse harem story, and the Arthurian Legend is no more the central point of the story. It's too soon to judge but I can say that it looks interesting! I love the idea of sharing a soul! And it's Arthurian legend, I love it! I wonder if everyone will have a change of gender?

bucinblackhair • Nov 11th 2022

Uwaaww, nge harem ?

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