Exclusive No-Love Zone

Exclusive No-Love Zone

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Mintran / doojja



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Exclusive No-Love Zone

Blue sea, beautiful island, in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, blocking the pouring sunlight with those cool-looking sunglassesThis moment of daydreaming is beta Kim JuHyeok’s only pleasure on his way to hellThe center of the world is always alphas and omegas. They don’t care about the place and time and just fall in love.Even for Kim JuHyeok who just got a new job, he had a goal in life.But seeing the daily display of love and hate between alphas and omegas he gave up that dream.Now all that’s left for beta Kim Joohyuk is

This is a placeholder of the upcoming Exclusive No-Love Zone New Chapter 35, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


Janesarang • 2 Month ago

Every beta x alpha couple caused my anxiety level increase. I mean aloa's fated mate can show up right??? Ughh

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