Dreaming Freedom

Dreaming Freedom

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Dreaming Freedom

Read manhwa Free in Dreams / From Dreams to Freedom / Freedom through Dreams / Freedom in Dreams / 꿈에서 자유로Choi Jungmin is severely bullied in high school because of a bad relationship with Ha Joohyun as a child. Her only solace is the “lucid dream” that haunts Ha Joohyun in a dream that no one can disturb.

This is a placeholder of the upcoming Dreaming Freedom New Chapter 84, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


Sandwichkilller • Dec 26th 2022

Idk yet

_NamelessWanderer_ • Dec 25th 2022

No they deleted the other one T-T

RuchiChopra • Dec 7th 2022

When this gonna upload?

Hatsune_Miku • Dec 7th 2022

After reading review 1, I need this translation??

whereistheCAmeRa • Dec 4th 2022

its slow paced, like really slow. also, theres a lot of drama, so that may not be your type of thing.

Medea_Regina • Nov 8th 2022

They're pretty, the art is pretty but... mom i'm scared.

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