Because It's Love

Because It's Love

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Park saet byul,Juy



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Because It's Love

Ki Seung-joo is a young, multi-talented top star who has it all. Yoo Lee-hyun is a newcomer to the celebrity scene, but quickly making an impact. While they navigate the twists and turns of celebrity life, Lee-hyun is also intent on resolving something from her past. Both are hyper-focused on their careers. But their chance meeting on the set of a variety show sparks something in them that neither have felt before…Because It’s Love / 사랑이라서

This is a placeholder of the upcoming Because It's Love New Chapter 51, it will be posted soon so make sure to bookmark us !


User.793829 • Nov 18th 2022

Maaf ada yang salah diawal itu harusnya usia tipe idealnya bukan usia anda??

themooniscallin • Nov 11th 2022

So far so good! The art is great (like someone said, it looks similar to the art for When the Villainess is in Love.

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